Tenacity Interiors will spoil you with the sheer volume of options and choices open to you.

The Tenacity Interiors approach is to look at the way the whole room can be used to provide you with a haven of peace, privacy and relaxation. So not only could you have wardrobes, drawers and cabinets to hide away the essentials such as clothing and shoes, you could also have bookshelves, a TV unit, side tables, an ottoman – suddenly your bedroom could be several rooms in one.

At Tenacity Interiors every single unit is made from scratch. Top quality materials are used to create integral carcases that will be strong and resilient. Specially ordered sheets of top grade materials, or even pieces of precious wood if the design requires it, are brought to the Great Massingham workshops and the transformation from raw material to stunning furniture begins.

Bedroom furniture – individual pieces or interlinked units - can be of any material, colour or style you would enjoy most. There is no limit to the colours, timbers, tones and surface finishes that you can have.

Tenacity Interiors also has access to very rare woods that are sustainably grown overseas, as well as home-grown, classic timber such as oak, walnut, and so on. The options you have also extend to the appearance of fitted and free-standing furniture where ‘something different’ is the order of the day, including out of the ordinary mirror finishes, architectural features – even door inserts in exciting or unusual materials.

The key to Tenacity Interiors’ popularity for bedrooms that are truly exceptional in style and additional functionality, is the ability of each team of designers, cabinetmakers, finishers and installers to create something unique. This often means using innovative technics and materials to achieve a ‘look’ which simply cannot be found anywhere else.

If your fitted bedroom needs the Tenacity touch, with dressing tables and additional furniture to complete the look you want, just call Karl or Trevor. They will be happy to send photographs of recent installations just to give you an idea of the extraordinary bedroom you could have in your home.

Bespoke & Affordable

Having spent time fruitlessly looking for ready-made wardrobes that matched our requirements we were delighted to discover a local firm that met those requirements on a bespoke & affordable basis.
Gavin Simpson , Boughton, Norfolk

Excellent Craftsmanship

Thank you very much to you and your staff for the magnificent wardrobes you have recently made and installed at my house. The end result is spectacular and is a display of excellent craftsmanship.
Heather Garrod , Cambridgeshire