Interior Designer and Property Development Projects

Tenacity Interiors has, throughout the years since its establishment in 2002, specialised in working with professional interior designers and property development companies creating high-end market ‘new builds’ or conducting major refurbishment projects.

Delivering Outstanding Results For Your Clients

As an interior designer or property developer, you will be fully aware that there are several essentials that can make or break a project, particularly when it comes to delivering outstanding results that your clients, buyers or future tenants will expect. One of these is enjoying full confidence in the ability of your cabinetmakers to deliver – and Tenacity Interiors aims to exceed expectations, every time.

As a Tenacity Interiors professional client, you will receive all the insights and support you need at every stage of your projects. Trevor and Karl, and each craftsman in the Great Massingham workshops, are always completely dedicated to your project wherever it may be and whatever the project entails. Tenacity Interiors becomes part of YOUR team.

Tenacity Interiors can either take the lead in the design and creation of fitted furniture, architectural features and free-standing items OR will work closely with the client-designer to deliver exactly what is shown on supplied drawings.

Delivering Outstanding Results Around The World!

Tenacity Interiors is linked with many highly specialised companies who produce unusual or highly bespoke materials, features and accessories for indoor or outdoor purposes. Karl and Trevor ensure that all suppliers are fully briefed from the outset and keep in regular contact with them throughout the duration of every project.

Whatever the project, Tenacity Interiors works in a highly collaborative manner with everyone who is involved.

Tenacity Interiors have been responsible for significant installations in the heart of London, in New York and throughout the South and East of the UK. Projects have ranged from outstanding, complete refurbishments of multi-million-pound properties to creating a complex and highly secure desk for a client who required shagreen panels, wiring for remote locking and removable panels for access to plugs, USBs and phone sockets. And every type of project in between.

If you are looking for highly professional partners to assist you to deliver perfect projects that will delight your clients – whatever the available budget – please contact Karl or Trevor on 01485 521888.